Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Locavore Lite 2010 is Smiling


Locavore Lite 2010 is truckin’ right along! Over 200 individuals have signed up to participate! Many of them have signed up to represent an entire family. We surely have more than 400 participants at this time. And we are early in the process of spreading the word. And we could use your help; really!

For clarity, we ask that everyone to sign up at http://locavorelite2010.webs.com to pledge to participate in Locavore Lite 2010. The other sites will be maintained and will be valuable for community and event building.

The first scheduled all-local-food meal at Main Course California has been moved from April 13th to Thursday, April 8th at 6:00 PM.

Four Ventura County restaurants will be offering all-local-food meals in 2010; The Sidecar Restaurant, Bonano’s Fine Peruvian Cuisine, Main Course California, and The Farmer & The Cook (Ojai).

Four elected officials in Ventura County have committed to participate; Ojai Mayor Steve Olsen, Ventura Mayor Bill Fulton, Ventura council member Christy Weir and Ventura council member Brian Brennan!

We are looking for, and you can help us get:
1)    4,600 more participants,
2)    participants to host all-local-food potlucks,
3)    elected officials to participate,
4)    restaurants to offer one all-local-food meal in 2010,
5)    businesses, organizations and other entities to endorse the project.

The fresh, healthy, local food-movement is alive in Ventura County, and in the world!

Kris :)

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